Link - KML Home Companion 3.0.4

KML Home Companion is out of beta and has some bug fixes. Eveyone will probably want to download the latest version. KML Home Companion has really come together as a great tool to get your GIS datasets out of ArcGIS and into Google Earth.

Fixes in 3.0.4

Fixed points with categories - first point was being dropped Tessellate works correctly - tag was misspelled

Fixes in 3.0.3

Fixed polygon fill with categories - first polygon was being dropped

Fixes in 3.0.2

Polygons can have “holes” - innerBoundaryIs tag now implemented Fixed polygon extrusion

New Features in 3.0

Can create single or multiple placemarks for a layer Allows either a default color or the ArcMap layer symbology Error checking for geometry types Transparency is displayed as a percentage instead of a Hex number Refresh button for layer listing Easier method of selecting output directory