Rob Elkins and Dave Bouwman have some great posts on the morning sessions. Rather than repeat what they’ve written I’ll point you in their direction.

The notes that most of you will be interested in is what’s planned for 2007 with ArcGIS:

  • Maintain 9.2 (bug fixes, performance, documention, critical issues)
  • Enhance ArcGIS Server (OGC, enhance Web ADF)
  • Overhaul Desktop User Interface
  • Overhaul Core GIS components (Geodatabase, mapping and graphics, Geoprocessing)
  • Develope standard mobile application framework
  • Enhance ArcGIS Online

Beyond that the new stuff in 9.3 future releases will include: ArcObjects Core:

  • new compiler, 64-bit executibles
  • simplified API (COM, .NET, Java)
  • improve install, update, license management Mapping and Graphics
  • map data model (Geodatabase)
  • new graphics engine (2D & 3D) Geodatabase
  • integrated metadata catalog
  • XML & 64-bit object ID fileds (SDE, File Geodatabase)
  • 3D information models Geoprocessing
  • core framework performance and improvments ArcGIS Desktop
  • Integrated desktop user interface ArcGIS Server
  • Fast dymanic map (new graphics engine)
  • Improved Geoprocessing
  • Integrated catalog and search