ArcGIS Explorer Update Screen

ESRI has released ArcGIS Explorer Build 380 is now available for download (or auto update from inside ArcGIS Explorer). Some of the new improvements are:

  • New Default Map - 1m for contiguous USA with speed improvements. It looks much, much better than Build 350 and faster
  • New Navigator - the old AGX navigation has been replaced with a nice streamlined navigator that is over the map rather than on a dock. Much more of what to expect with a digital globe.
  • Printing - AGX has basic printing capabilities (without having to pay ESRI)_
  • File Import “Wizard” - Bring in text files of address and such. No Excel support yet, but given ESRI’s track record with Excel files I’d assume its coming.
  • Improved “Find Place” Task - Those outside of USA will have to vouch for its improved search capability.
  • Improved WMS Support - You can now choose single or multiple layers instead of the groups from before. Much, much better!
  • KML Contents - Slowly ArcGIS is beginning to get KML support. I’m sure we’ll hear about how bad it is, but for now it read in some Arc2Earth KMLs I created without incident.
  • WMS layers support transparency and the swipe tool

I’m sure we’ll start seeing more appear in the next day, but Build 380 is a huge improvement that anyone who has downloaded A350 will want to give it another go.

Update - Sebastian Good takes a detailed look under the hood of AGX Build 380.

Update 2 - ESRI’s AGX “What’s New” page