has a new section called the Travel Map. The section contains conference and team road game data collected for regular season games from the 1998 through the 2007 NCAA Football schedule. As you might guess, any conference with a team in Hawaii would probably lead the rankings in miles traveled and the WAC does not disappoint. What amazed me though was that Georgia has traveled a total of 358 miles for non-conference road games (only traveling out of conference to Georgia Tech and Clemson) since 1998 but Hawaii has traveled 72,918 total miles (coupled with the fact that they still have to travel 4,037.56 miles to play LaTech in conference). The Travel Map is very interesting to see how little large schools travel out of conference (Arizona State is no exception). The conference rankings are below:

Conference Travel Miles WAC 327,521 Conference USA 278,991 MWC 188,308 Sun Belt 154,512 PAC 10 150,990 MAC 127,212 Big East 127,076 Big Ten 107,881 ACC 101,545 Big 12 73,183 SEC 42,141