UPDATE: OK, it has come to my attention that these links actually don’t do a thing. ESRI requires you to use the email that was sent to you. Yea, you’d assume they’d track this better than some URL, but alas no. So if you voted by clicking on the links above, you’ll have to **VOTE AGAIN** using the email you received from ESRI. If you didn’t get an email, ESRI doesn’t let you vote. Have to pull the siren out for this one folks.**

The voting is open for ESRI’s 2009 ArcGIS Server Mashup and ArcGIS Mobile code challenges.

Vote for ArcGIS Server Mashup Code Challenge First prize - $7,000 Second prize - $3,000

Vote for ArcGIS Mobile Code Challenge First prize - $4,000 Second prize - $2,000

Take five minutes and vote for the one you think deserves to win.