1 More Week Until FME 2013 Drops

Strange Brew

Ever year like clockwork, Safe Software unveils their next generation FME release. There is of course a boatload of new features in FME 2013 but here are some I’m really looking forward to:

  • GeometryValidator – One validator to rule them All
  • Joiner – supports Google Fusion Tables among other new formats
  • FeatureColorSetter – All the ColorSetters are now in one transformer. Much nicer!
  • JSONFormatter – gotta have that
  • AutoDesk IMX Writer – I can’t tell you how many of my CAD friends have migrated to AIM.
  • CouchDB Reader/Writer – Finally an excuse to use it more.
  • SpatiaLite Reader/Writer- Natch

I’m holding my breath on Macintosh OS X Workbench support and a Minecraft Reader/Writer. Probably gonna have to wait for FME 2014…

But all that will be revealed next week at their “Unveiling FME 2013: A Special Launch Day Event”. I’ll be there and you should too.

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