Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed their holiday. We actually had to turn on our air conditioner today here in Arizona so we definitely were dreaming of a white Christmas. We are going to be heading out for the Insight Bowl to watch my alma mater Arizona State play Rutgers (I was unaware they stilled played football) in the rematch of the 1978 Garden State Bowl. On paper ASU should wipe the floor with them, but they are excited to be in a bowl game and ASU is disappointed to be playing in such a low bowl. Its happened again and again with ASU and I’m hoping it won’t happen again. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happend. :p

Yes compelling television.

New ESRI Mobile GIS Blog

ArcGISThe Mobile ADF at ESRI has started up a blog in preparation for the Developer Summit. With all the big changes with the Mobile ADF, it will hopefully be a great resource for any Mobile GIS developers. I like the team aspect of it and hopefully we’ll learn some more about what to expect with ArcGIS Server and the Mobile ADF from them.

One suggestion (and this should be for any ESRI blogger), put your email address up on the web page. I can’t think of a better way to foster communication than having your readers be able to email questions to you. I’m glad to see ESRI developers take the discussion to the GIS community. Hopefully this is the start of a flood of developer blogs. Maybe we’ll see some of the ArcGIS Desktop team start blogs too. Should make the blogger meet-up at the Dev Summit that much more fun.

David Maguire on ArcGIS

ESRIJust in case you don’t subscribe to his blog feed or saw it on Planet Geospatial, David does have the best looking ArcGIS Explorer screen shot to date (look close and you might learn something about the program 😉 ).

I’m going down into the basement for the next week so expect light posting. I asked Santa for a Bentley Continental GT, so we’ll have to see how that works out. Anyway, have a great Christmas/New Years Holiday everyone.

PostGIS 1.1.0 Released

PostGISLink – PostGIS 1.1.0 Released

PostGIS 1.1 has been released. The more I play with PostGIS, the more I see its power. Being able to run a spatial open source database is really beginning to appeal to me given the high price of Oracle Spatial or Oracle and ArcSDE. ArcSDE is already expensive enough without having to pay Oracle, IBM or Microsoft on top of that. I wish it was easier to use with ArcGIS as more of our clients might bite on using it, but coupled with Mapserver it works really nice.

ArcGIS 9.1 SP 1 is out

ESRI ArcGISLink – ArcGIS 9.1 Service Pack 1

ESRI recommends that all ArcGIS 9.1 customers download and install this Service Pack, at their earliest convenience, to ensure the highest quality experience when working with ArcGIS 9.1.

Click here to read the issues addressed with ArcGIS 9.1 Service Pack 1. SP1 is available for ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Engine Runtime, ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit, ArcReader and ArcGIS Server. SP1 for ArcGIS Desktop runs pretty large at over 60 MB so you might want to grab it before the download servers get swamped.

Update – Looks like ArcIMS and ArcSDE SP1 are “coming soon”.

Big changes at ESRI Support

Link – ESRI Support Center Home

Well how about that? I was just going write a post wondering why the announcement of ArcGIS 9.1 SP1 wasn’t on the front page of ESRI Support but to my surprise ESRI reorganized the front page and the service pack is front and center.

ESRI Support Page

Not only do you get the latest knowledge base, downloads and forums right on the front page, but right below you’ll see an RSS feed for “Common Issues”. We’ll have to see how this feed works and what ends up on it, but now finding the latest support information should be as easy as looking at the front page.

Great news! The only issue I see is the page looks better in Internet Explorer than Firefox, but that is merely cosmetic.