The MapServer Name Poll

Link – Results for questionnaire MapServer naming and the foundation

There is a poll on the MapServer community page on what the name of the MapServer Foundation and the name of MapServer should be. There seems to be consensus so far to kept he name of the foundation MapServer and keep the name of the product MapServer. As I’ve said before, putting an animal name after an open source product sounds like an O’Reilly endorsement.

I am glad to see the community taking part in this decision. This bodes well for the future of the MapServer Foundation.


Autodesk Doesn’t Welcome All

Link – Autodesk Bars the Door to Open Design Alliance at Autodesk University – via All Points Blog

Kind of makes you wonder if they will allow people working on MapServer into their future conferences. Heck even ESRI allowed Google/Keyhole to attend the ESRI Conference (though it was low key). Just another closed door to make community members more uneasy.


Some good quotes about Autodesk MapServer

I’ve gotten a ton of email about this subject (probably more than anything but ArcGIS Explorer) and I’ll pass along some interesting tidbits. First it would appear that many Autodesk MapGuide users are referring to the product as Autodesk MapServer, not MapServer Enterprise (apparently Autodesk puts their name in front of every product they have). Guess it didn’t take long to forget about MapServer Cheetah. Anyway, Adena has a couple of good quotes from yesterday, but this was my favorite :

“AJAX is a complex development environment.”

Autodesk staffer on why MapServer Studio is a necessity

Frank Warmerdam (via IRC) also has some good insight into why Autodesk announced MapServer Enterprise before everyone was ready:

[11/29/2005 9:20 PM] frankw: Autodesk was quite worried that if ESRI found out, they would open source ArcIMS ahead of them.

If Autodesk thinks that, then they don’t know their compeditor very well. While we’ve heard that ESRI might release parts of ArcIMS open source before, I’m sure they would never release the whole thing. There was also some misunderstanding of the reaction on Autodesk’s part:

[11/30/2005 8:40 AM] frankw: Gary (Land) did say “We expected some of this reaction & think it’s mostly FUD owning to not knowing us”.

Hmm, I’m wondering how they didn’t expect this reaction. Guess they don’t know the community any better.

Probably the most interesting email I received was from a reader who wrote this:

I’ve tried to convince many companies to use MapServer instead of ESRI products, but have always been told that MapServer is not approved by their IT staff. They only want to use ESRI for GIS and Autodesk for CAD. Now I can say Autodesk MapServer is an Autodesk application and just implement open source UMN MapServer instead. Still I need to be careful of Autodesk muscling in on my consulting business as they probably have better placed contacts with many of the companies I’m currently working for than I do. Maybe I need to take a closer look at and add ESRI products to my services.