PostGIS 1.1.1 Has Been Released

PostGIS LogoPostGIS 1.1.1 is now available up on their website. It appears to be a minor release so I’m not sure if we’ll be rushing out to update just yet. Then again my DBA hasn’t been one to not pass up an update. 🙂 Still waiting for locking and mult-versioning, but maybe that will happen soon. Oracle Spatial is still the gold standard in my book.

Batch Geocode Tabular Address Data via Your Web Browser

Phillip Holmstrand has put together a very interesting site that allows you batch geocode addresses in your browser. He’s using the Yahoo! Maps API to geocode address you can pretty much just copy and paste out of any spreadsheet. I love how its so easy to use, no longer will you have to pay people money to geocode addresses as just about anyone can use it. Best of all it uses REST so there is no reloading your browser window while you perform the tasks. Its a great idea with a wonderful interface.

Batchgeocode results

GML Supported ArcGIS 9.2 (KML Also)

ESRI ArcGISIn regards to my insistence that the Data Interoperability extension be included with ArcGIS ArcView by default, I’ve been emailed that at least OGC GML Simple Features data will supported without the extension license. Also that KML support will also be included with ArcGIS 9.2. The beta should be here next week so we’ll have to see what exactly this entails.

Andrea Rosso posts ArcWeb 2006 example

Andrea Rosso has posted an ArcWeb 2006 “mashup” on his blog. Nothing too crazy here, but it is a good example of how to update your existing v2 ArcWeb apps to work with the new ArcWeb 2006. I’ve got to get back to playing with ArcWeb 2006 as its been about a month since I’ve done anything with it. The ArcWeb Explorer still isn’t out, but hopefully it will be soon, but since the ArcGIS Explorer Beta has slipped, we might not be seeing ArcWeb Explorer anytime soon.

ArcWeb 2006

More on the Dev Summit Contest

ArcView IMS MapCafe in all its glory!It looks like Steve and I were not synced up on our rules, but that is OK as the only rule set in stone is that we make the rules. 🙂

Anyway I assumed ArcIMS was included in the contest, but we didn’t spell it out so yes any ArcIMS application (.NET, CF, Java) is fair game. I’ll even go one further, if you have a great MOIMS or ArcView IMS MapCafe application, be my guest (though you might get laughed at). As I said in my comments, if it uses an ESRI product it can be demo’d, though Steve and I probably won’t rate any Avenue or VB6 examples very high. Lets try and keep the programs and languages to this decade, OK?