When yes does equal no

It has been a crazy week so far and I apologize for the lack of posts. I hope to be back on track tomorrow.

We are working on a regional master plan and I had to create a map using some GIS data that was given to us by various governmental agencies. In the pile of shapefiles was a dataset showing future transportation corridors, simple enough to add to a map or so I thought. I couldn’t get the map to look anything like that was on the website where we got the dataset from. After spinning my wheels for a little bit, I went ahead and called the organization to find out how to use this simple dataset. Most of the fields were blank so I couldn’t figure out how to query the dataset to get it to appear correctly. After talking with the GIS manager he remembered that particular layer and told me to calculate the field named “YES” = ‘no’.

Yes will never equal yes

Of course on closer look, you’ll notice that YES can also equal ‘ ‘ or ‘ye’ (the text field is only 2 characters so YES will never equal ‘yes’). I need to reach for some aspirin right. 😀

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