Playing with ArcWeb Explorer API

I’ve been playing around with the new ArcWeb Explorer API and I’m starting to get a handle on all the functionality. My son liked this one the best. I’d like to grab geotagged photos from flicker and plot them on a map. I’ve got loads to do before that becomes a reality (I’m way behind geotagging my photos in Flickr), but I’ve faked it well on my computer. Too bad the imagery around Disneyland looks crappy otherwise I’d zoom in more.

ArcWeb Explorer Javascript API Officially Out

Looks like over the weekend ESRI pushed the ArcWeb Explorer Javascript API out and integrated it into the ArcWeb Labs section. Once you register you’ll get access to the best “Quick-Start Guide” that ESRI has ever produced. This new Flash Javascript API should make it much easier for people to take advantage of ArcWeb as you don’t even have to have a clue what SOAP or REST are. Just copy and past some code from the guide and you’ll have your maps. I’m wondering why ESRI doesn’t have an ArcWeb Explorer contest up and running yet as it would probably get people looking at this new API. Heck you’d think some ArcWeb credits or even a copy of ArcView would get people moving.

ESRI takes a page from Google Maps

Update: I’ve played a little with it during lunch and its pretty easy to get points plotted on the map (actually very easy). I’ve got to play a little more with getting the widgets to show up better but that will have to wait as I’ve got to get back to billable work. 🙂

Making a 180 degree turn with 3D models

lax-theme.jpgRemember when I made a big fuss about all these fancy 3D models not being important to GIS professionals? Well I still believe that, but I’m sitting here right now working on getting fancier looking models of buildings for a couple of our 3D GIS marketing demonstrations I’ll be doing next month. I’ll see how good some of these models look in ArcScene and maybe they’ll tie together everything, or they’ll just make my life much more complicated. 😀


ESRI ArcGISI’ve finally decided that the most important feature of ArcGIS 9.2 Desktop will be the ability to calculate area from right inside the table view (forget all that dumb VBA code). I was playing with 9.2 a couple weeks ago and used that feature all the time, but now that I’ve moved back to 9.1, I so miss it. Calculating Area (or length) seems like it should have been implemented back in 8.x but now that it is almost here, all is forgiven.

What a week

We all survived my son’s first trip to Disneyland. He had a great time and that made it all worth it. I’ll try and go through me emails and get back to everyone as soon as possible so please be patient. 🙂

Connor and Pluto

Thanks UPS

ArcGIS 9.2 Beta 2 Phase 2 showed up today despite UPS’ best efforts. It didn’t come out in the photo, but the footprint is a nice touch.

UPS doing their best