Say hello to Autodesk Labs

Autodesk LabsAutodesk has smartly jumped on the “labs” bandwagon and created Autodesk Labs. They’ve posted a Google Earth extension to AutoCAD 2007 which allows you to publish 3D models right into Google Earth. I believe our company is upgrading from AutoCAD 2006 to 2007 soon so I’ll have to give it a shot when it arrives.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ESRI hiding their code in ArcScripts is a complete waste of time. Heck by definition, it isn’t even in the correct place as ArcScripts is for work contributed by ESRI’s user community. I guess the user community includes those who actually work at ESRI.

ESRI is a Adobe Flex 2 success story

I decided to spend this morning and try and figure out how Adobe’s new Flex 2 might change how I develop (or even blog). As I was clicking on links and reading some of the new features, I was surprised to see Mansour Raad and ESRI show up on the Flex 2 page inside a video. If I was ESRI, I’d be putting Mansour on the ESRI front page in a video. He’s so passionate about his work that you can’t help but get excited. 🙂 When Mansour demoed ArcWeb Explorer to me back at the Dev Summit, I was blown away and I guess Adobe was too.

View the full ESRI Flex 2 video here.


No ESRI ArcGIS Explorer public beta in June

ArcGIS ExplorerThe word out of Redlands is do not expect a public beta of ArcGIS Explorer in June (I’m sure that is not a surprise to anyone given how many days are left). There are no short terms plans as far as I can tell for a public beta to be released in July. ArcGIS 9.2 Beta sites will continue to get beta updates to AGX so development will continue. I also believe there are plans to open the ArcGIS 9.2 beta to more people so you might be getting a copy of AGX that way.

I’m not really disappointed at hearing this. Beta sites still haven’t gotten ArcGIS Server (AGS) 9.2 Beta 2 so I’m sure there will be quite a bit of back and forth when sites begin to test AGX and AGS together. ArcGIS Explorer without AGS is only half the story so getting AGX and AGS right is very important.

Dell allows customers to use Google Earth track their service calls has an article that caught my attention. Dell seems to be allowing customers to use Google Earth Pro to track their service calls around the world. I’ve always liked when companies use mapping to help consumers visualize data. The only “problem” with this service is the requirement that businesses that want to utilize this service must buy Google Earth Pro. Since you can’t use Google Earth “Free” in the work place, there isn’t anything Dell can do about it so it is up to the consumer to buy software. Too bad they can’t throw in a copy of GE Pro (maybe they plan to do this). I guess consumers could use such a service at home, but I can’t imagine many needing to track service calls around the world.

Ready for the 2007 ESRI Developer Summit?

Just read this email before heading off to visit the Sandman.

ESRI Developer Summit

March 20-22, 2007
Wyndham Hotel and Palm Springs Convention Center
Palm Springs, CA

Save the Dates!

Developers and software architects are invited to attend the 2007 ESRI Developer Summit in Palm Springs. You do not need to be an ESRI software user to participate. The conference focuses on the ESRI developer platform, with opportunities to increase development skills, meet ESRI developers, and learn what’s coming in future releases of ESRI software.

Registration and event information will be available in the coming months at the ESRI Developer Summit Web site.

We look forward to seeing you in March 2007!



The Virtual Earth Interactive SDK

One of the coolest things I’ve seen over the weekend is this new Virtual Earth Interactive SDK. The VE Interactive SDK gives a more visual way of learning how to program the SDK. Instead of looking up the objects and methods in the online help, the VE Interactive SDK allows you to visually create your tools and then view the code to see how the control works or just copy and paste it to your own website. Plus you can also see the VE reference right there in case you want to know more about a specific function (tabs switch between “Show Me”, “Show Source” and “Reference”). I know many programmers who work better by seeing code than trying to figure out an object model (and some programmers who haven’t a clue how to even use an object model) and this Interactive SDK will be a huge help for them.

Virtual Earth Interactive SDK

Virtual Earth Interactive SDK