New Version of the Manifold Toolbar

I guess since the previous version just didn’t work, Manifold has released an updated version of their beta toolbar.

There is a new beta release of the Manifold toolbar. See

for the download. Please remember to uninstall the previous version using the Windows Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs applet before installing the new version.

The new version supports the IE 7 beta, automatically detects proxy settings when Virtual Earth modules are used and fixes some miscellaneous bugs. See the URL above for notes.

As I said, I’m not a toolbar users, but to be fair to all those who downloaded the previous version and didn’t get to try it I figured I’d post this update. Manifold users are using words like “fantastic”, “cool” and “fun” to describe the latest version. Personally I just don’t see the need for YAT (yet another toolbar), but I guess some enjoy it.


Planet Geospatial and Blogger

I’ve noticed that whatever Google is doing, they are screwing up the Planet GS feeds. Even using FeedBurner, the issues still rear their ugly head and the new beta Blogger doesn’t seem to matter at all. Even non Blogger feeds such as The Earth is Square and Ed Parson’s blog are being screwed up by them. I’ve tried everything in my power to get it working, but I’m at a loss. I know it is blogger because of the ASCII errors I’m getting and the simple fact that if I remove every Blogger feed, the darn thing works like a charm.

So if you notice your blog missing from the hourly Planet Geospatial build, thank Blogger. There is not much I can do at this point at least until I find some time to debug some more.

ESRI multi-core and 64-bit processors

arcgisx.jpgRob Elkins writes that he’s liking the sound of these new fancy processors, but I have to ask when is ESRI going to start supporting them with ArcGIS?

Of course the big rumor at the UC was that ESRI was totally rewriting ArcGIS at version 10.0 so maybe this new architecture takes advantage of multi-core and 64-bit. Don’t bother contacting your ESRI rep as I’m sure this is probably 2 years away. In the meantime I guess we can just use Manifold right? (had to get that in before someone commented about it).

Manifold Toolbar?

Are you kidding me? What is this 1999? Oh but of course as The Earth is Square points out, it all has to do with giving Google the middle finger. recommends use of Microsoft Virtual Earth (the default installation) instead of Google servers for several reasons:

  • Virtual Earth has a more even appearance in large scales.
  • Virtual Earth does not interrupt service to active users, as Google has been known to do.
  • Virtual Earth does not “watermark” images with a disfiguring logo as Google does.
  • Virtual Earth has better resolution in many (but not all) locations.
  • Microsoft has supported developers working on alternatives to Microsoft’s own geographic browsers.

Rule number one is never cross or speak ill of Manifold.

Update on DRG on the Internet Archive

A note from Jared on the status of the migration to the Internet Archive:

I spoke with the guy at the Internet Archive who is supposed to get the data moved over. He unfortunately has been caught up on their September 11th archive project.

When I pushed for a time frame of when he could get the data moved to a real web server he said, “a few days to a week”.

At that point it will basically just be an index page with folders to download the files.

I’ve also started sending them metadata so that they will show up in their website search. On my end, I need to go through all the data and take a better inventory of anything that might be missing.

But my for basic access to the data, my fingers are crossed for within a week.