ESRI Bugs Online

Since I wasn’t at the UC and those blogging seem to not care about bugs, we haven’t really heard what Nick Frunzi presented at the plenary in regards to user support. The ESRI UC blog has a little bit on what to expect though:

Tentatively named “Bugs Online”, this new Support Center feature is planned to go live in late Summer 2007, and will be integrated into the existing Support Center search. Here’s a few more details (as usual, all is subject to change).

It looks like the first release will be a public “beta” during which you’ll be able to access Bugs Online, albeit with somewhat reduced functionality and content. During the the beta, you should still be able to access most of the metadata for most of the bugs, including:

  • Synopsis: A concise description of the problem and the circumstances under which it occurs.
  • Submitted: The date the bug report was filed.
  • Severity: Indicates how heavily the problem impacts those who encounter it.
  • Version Found: The ESRI software version where the problem was first seen.
  • Status: A short text description of where the bug currently is in our handling processes.

Later on this year we’ll be working on additional functionality, including an option to allow you to “subscribe” to specific bugs and receive an email when the status of the bug changes.

Email is fine, but don’t forget RSS.

Update: – Podcast of Nick’s talk is here.

ESRI 2007 User Conference Open Thread

I’ve gotten a couple people emailing me complaining about the lack of info coming out of the 2007 UC. I’m not sure what I can do about it as I’m not there. Thus if you’ve seen something interesting at the UC and think the folks back in the home office should know about it, post it here.

Getting excited about ArcGIS

Great IM conversation:

gretch: afternoon james
James Fee: how are you doing?
gretch: great, im at the uc
James Fee: having a good time?
gretch: sure, people here are a little excited
James Fee: yea, people enjoy hanging around with fellow geo-geeks
gretch: esri guys excited too
gretch: howard dean excited
James Fee: lmao, really?
gretch: i swear he looked like his head would explode
gretch: was really into it
James Fee: mind if I blog that?
gretch: sure im having a great time though
gretch: would have been great to meetup
James Fee: The UC is a treat, no matter what Sean Gillies says

Want to see the ArcGIS REST API?

Looks like Microsoft is going to demo the REST API and Virtual Earth. Someone needs to stop by and get the details.

ESRI Announces new REST API for Interoperability at 2007 User Conference

With the release of 9.3, ESRI will provide an ArcGIS JavaScript library that extends the Microsoft Virtual Earth Software Development Kit. You can use the extended SDK to mashup content from any ArcGIS 9.3 Server via the REST API for ArcGIS Server with Virtual Earth maps and imagery. In the Microsoft booth #2101 on the ESRI UC exhibition floor this week, the Virtual Earth team will be demonstrating this capability through 3 simple demos provided by the ESRI team.

ArcGIS 9.3 in 2008

Not that it is news, but 9.3 will not be out in this calendar year. You’ll need to make 9.2 work for almost 1 more year. Should be good for developers, at least you know that your clients won’t be installing 9.3 anytime soon.