Lost GPS?

I know I packed my GPS unit when I moved to the new house, but for the life of me I can’t find it anywhere. The family is going out camping this weekend for Labor Day near Jerome, AZ and I really need it. Guess I’m heading out tonight to buy a new GPS unit. It is probably for the best as I never liked that old Magellan unit I had.

Have a great Labor Day weekend folks!

MapsForUs.org to the rescue

All U.S. Americans took it on the chin when Miss South Carolina tried to answer a question about U.S. American’s mapping abilities, but a new website has stepped in to being U.S. American’s children the maps they need.

The children of the US America are in deep trouble. Because some people out there don’t have maps. Such as South Africa. Therefore, you must email us maps to make it better. EMAIL: maps AT mapsforus.org. Our views of Attack of the Show’s webpage will encourage our children to believe that there is a future outside of Asia. A future with maps. And such. South Africa.

The comments section is wonderful and this type of grassroots effort might actually help U.S. American’s mapping deficiencies.

The website is back up!

Update: No sooner than I post this, but the website has gone down. The Google cache gives you a little insight into what you are missing.

At least Miss South Carolina did with with Matt Lauer asking the questions.

Manifold Release 8.00 is available to purchase

Well there you go, Manifold continues to push the envelope on their product. A couple folks have emailed me the news that Release 8.00 is available for sale (no demo available) on their website. I see lots of references to speed and spatial database connectivity in that press prerelease and to be honest I think that is a great thing to focus on in 2007. Tucked down low is something that might get a few ArcGIS Desktop users to add Manifold to their workflow, ESRI Geodatabase support:

Spatial DBMS support for ESRI SDE geodatabases and ESRI Personal geodatabases – Manifold can now connect to SDE (also known as “ArcGIS”) data stores using any DBMS supported by ESRI or to so-called “Personal” geodatabases, most frequently encountered within Access .mdb files. Manifold can import drawings from such geodatabases or link to drawings for read/write/edit dynamic compatibility with such linked drawings to add/delete/edit objects in such drawings, even changing their assigned projections.

Some other “highlights” that caught my eye were NVIDIA CUDA support (about time someone took advantage of video card support), Spatial DBMS support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial and PostgreSQL, IronPython scripting (would have liked to see “regular” Python support, but this is still welcomed) and User Interface Scripting (kinda makes me think back to how folks used the old ArcView 3.x). I’m sure we’ll see some more as the Manifold users start blogging about how it all works, but this is a pretty smart upgrade for those who use Manifold. Compatibility with ESRI geodatabase is huge in my opinion as it will allow companies that have invested greatly in ArcSDE to use Manifold without having to export out to shapefiles first.

ESRI Data & Maps and StreetMap USA 2007 Data Update

ESRI has a web page set up where users of ArcGIS can request a 2007 update to Data & Maps and StreetMap USA. The update DVDs include updates to more than 80 datasets and all of the U.S. Tele Atlas and European basemap data. Also included is StreetMap Pro which provides 2003 Tele Atlas streets from North America. You’ll need to have your maintenance paid up to get the update, but it is free.

I filled out this form late last week and received the update a couple days ago.

How Popular is SharpMap?

I had a reader email me asking about SharpMap asking how “viable” it is? Well that is always a hard question to answer, but if you look over on CodePlex, SharpMap is the third most popular project. I know a few people who are developing with SharpMap and many more that are actively looking toward doing so. I’d say if you are looking for a lightweight library for mapping using .NET, SharpMap is probably one of the best choices out there.

**Update – **check out Bill Dollins’ post on SharpMap’s viability.