MapDotNet Support for SQL Server 2008 Spatial

I’m sure many of us on the MapDotNet email list got the news that full support for SQL Server 2008 Spatial is right around the corner.

MapDotNet Server 6.5 is currently undergoing beta testing and will be released in November 2007. In addition to support for SQL Server 2008, it will provide support for the new features in Microsoft Virtual Earth 6.0, and will include upgraded map rendering capabilities, support for Windows Communication Foundation, profiling, event logging, and improved diagnostics.

Was there some sort of planned “event” for SQL Server 2008 today because both Manifold and Safe Software also announced SQL Server 2008 Spatial support.

The Holy Grail

This is clear to me:

FeatureServer + ArcSDE Data Store = Holy Grail

Being able to store data in ArcSDE, but still access it freely across any and all platforms. ArcGIS clients can hit ArcSDE and everyone else can enjoy data served by FeatureServer. But deep down this is even bigger than FeatureServer because really what I’m talking about is GDAL/OGR ArcSDE Vector Write Support. That opens up loads of open source projects to ArcSDE users and gives them the best of all worlds. ArcGIS Desktop/Server users can continue using ArcSDE they way they always have and open source solutions can come right in the front door and coexist with existing workflows. The benefit will be realized by users who will be able to get products that work best for them.

If I have to sell Amway door to door, I will get this project funded.


The gatekeeper will no longer be able to stop users from writing to ArcSDE from OGR.

ArcGIS 9.2 SP4 out soon

We knew about this back in July, but ESRI has posted an announcement about Service Pack 4. Nothing about ArcGIS Server yet and that should be a big list because ESRI puts new features in their Service Packs. What is missing is the Vista support that was promised. I’m not sure why that isn’t listed (at least I don’t see it). Does that mean we won’t be seeing Vista support for ArcGIS until 9.3?

Developer needed

Lets make this simple. If you have experience with:

  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS
  • OpenLayers

and at least some knowledge of:

  • GeoJSON
  • FeatureServer
  • GML
  • KML
  • dealing with the above on Windows (Linux may come down the line)

and live in either Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, or New Mexico; email me

james.fee at

Position can be contract or full time work.

The ArcGIS Online Data Appliance

There has been some discussion on my blog about the ArcGIS Online Data Appliance. Most ESRI users already know what is on the thing because they have had access to the ArcGIS Online Beta.

The ArcGIS Appliance provides terabytes of pre-rendered U.S. nationwide and worldwide data that you can host on your own secure server. This data consists of 2D maps and 3D globes that are optimized for publishing with ArcGIS Server and includes worldwide imagery, street map, shaded relief, and elevation data.


So, does this excite anyone? Google of course has their own product and I know I’ve heard other companies getting ready to offer such products using ArcGIS Server and/or ArcGIS Image Server. Personally I have to think this will be a huge hit with companies that are tied to the ESRI stack (which is probably its target marketplace).

If you want to see the costs of this product, the online PDF is here.

Coming up for air

I’ve been so busy working on a 3D modeling job for the Navy that I haven’t had a second to blog. I’m usually pretty good about posting fast (if you can’t figured out, I can type faster than I can think), but these last few weeks have been tough.

I’ve been thinking about how to bring FeatureServer into workflows that require ArcGIS. Because ESRI refuses to support KML or GML complex GML out of the box, I need to think about how best to get datasets into ArcMap in a way that users can interact with it. No easy task given the requirements on my desk. We are trying to get as lightweight on the server side as we can given the budget constraints some of our clients are facing these days. FeatureServer + OpenLayers just fits that bill nicely.

I see Steve got the deCarta devZone up and running. If a banner ad with a magician can’t get people on the deCarta bandwagon, I’m not sure what can. Seriously though, if you saw the previous deCarta developer site, you can see they have something nice building there.

Well I’m sick from eating all my sons Halloween candy so I’m heading for bed. I’ve got to get some rest before fighting ArcScene and Google SketchUp tomorrow.


Oh, loneliness and leftover halloween candy are a dangerous mix.