Annoying Geospatial Buzzwords

I’ve put a jar on my desk that I must put money in every time I say either “consume” or “rich client”. I can’t stand either term and people use it so often it gets slammed in my head. I feel dirty every time I say consume in a presentation.

People just come up with new words to describe the things we’ve been doing for years and sound like they are hipper/smarter than the rest of us.

What buzz words really set you off? We need to get a bingo going at the ESRI Developer Summit because I swear they have a buzz word dictionary they use and ESRI Staff gets paid by how many of these horrible words they can use in a sentence.

ESRI Podcast – 2008 Developer Summit — Building .NET Applications Using the ArcGIS Server Web ADF and ASP .NET AJAX

I think most of those who have been involved with ArcGIS Server, the Developer Summit is really were we get detailed discussions. The podcast talks about what the session will be which is pretty much what Art has been saying for the past few years. More Microsoft AJAX, .NET and other MS web technology. You can listen to the podcast here. I have to laugh at how geeked up Art and Rex get when talking about the Web ADF, I can see them smiling as they talk about it.

Sexy Podcast
Dude, I’m rocking to the latest ESRI podcast!

BUT, where is the REST API info? I think many of us on the “Microsoft Platform” are interested in using our own solutions we’ve created in the past and the REST API should be the key to getting ArcGIS Server into our products. We’ll have to see what happens at 9.3, but after trying to develop using the Web ADF task framework I’m so turned off by it. Give me a simple REST API and I’ll be happy.

FME Worldwide User Conference 2008 early bird registration ends January 24

Don’t forget, those who are planning to attend the FME Worldwide User Conference in March need to get their registration by January 24th. Alas I’m not going (believe me not by choice), but looking at the Agenda and Breakout sessions it will be quite the learning experience for any who go.

Jason Birch’s favorite transformer post on the FME user group sums up perfectly how powerful and helpful FME is to so many people. FME is flying under the radar for most folks I talk to and it shouldn’t be. It is such a critical piece of any geospatial work flow that ignoring FME (OK, to be fair ignoring Spatial ETL) puts you at great risk for future employment. I see myself using FME as my primary method of getting spatial data into SQL Server 2008 Katmai going forward.

Damn I wish I was going, now I’m all depressed….

ESRI ready to release ArcGIS Explorer build 450

ESRI is about to release an update to ArcGIS Explorer. Build 450 will add no new features, but will resolve a number of graphics card related issues that we inadvertently picked up at 440 (via ArcGlobe apparently). There has been some discussion in the ESRI forums about this issue:

This problem was introduced by OpenGL call changes in ArcGIS Explorer 440. Some have found that ArcGIS Explorer 410 worked, while version 440 does not. In general the problem does not occur with newer graphics cards and new drivers.

a. Potential resolution. Install the latest driver for your graphics card from your graphics card or hardware vendor.

b. Here are some specific observations in regards to graphics cards.

i. ATI FireGL V3100 ‘ 8650 will work with the latest driver from AMD. Driver Packaging Version 8.44

ii. ATI Mobility FireGL Latest drivers from vendor do not appear to fix issue. We are working on an ArcGIS Explorer update to address this.Keep an eye out on the ArcGIS Explorer blog for the release.