Google Revises Their Update to the Google Maps API Terms of Service

The latest Google Maps API TOS is available here. Google had just updated their TOS back in early November to clear up some questions around the use of API on free sites (this TOS only applies to the free API, not the Google Premier). The changes were welcomed by all, but one section appeared to some people to suggest that by using the API, you were giving Google a license to your data. Ed Parsons blogged about the situation?so you can follow more what the problems were there, but this latest update seems to remove that section (Ed has it on his blog) that people were worried about.

OK, now back to getting the house ready for the family invasion tomorrow.

The turkey in my fridge did not receive a pardon from the president.

GWB is already using his pardons.  He isnt getting a chance to pardon my turkey.

ESRI Releases Version 1.2 of the ArcGIS JavaScript extensions for the Google Maps API and Microsoft Virtual Earth

Those who use the JavaScript extensions for Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth can now update their script tags that reference the API to 1.2. The ESRI ArcGIS Server Blog has all the details.

Virtual Earth example:


Google Maps example:


ArcGIS in the Cloud

A couple people have commented recently about this blog or via twitter about the possibility of ArcGIS and the Cloud. The current licensing of ArcGIS Server pretty much precludes the possibility of running it in the cloud so until ESRI changes the licensing or works with a company to provide ArcGIS Server in the cloud don’t get your hopes up.

I’m guessing it is virtually impossible for ESRI to license ArcGIS Server in the cloud as the product stands today.

Getting into the Geography Awareness Week Spirit

Back when ESRI had just released PC ARC/INFO (for the cutting edge DOS) and way before Google was a research project, the United States Congress passed a joint resolution signed by Ronald Reagan proclaiming that Geography Awareness Week would be held in November.

The Great Communicator signs Geography Awareness Week into law

The Great Communicator signs Geography Awareness Week into law

Remember, it isn’t about the Google or ESRI (I suppose GIS Day is for them). It is about the Geography!