Have ArcMap use Twitter when scripts are finished

I remember years ago having ArcInfo Workstation send emails when it was finished processing and I’ve always thought the next logical step was having it send a text message to my cell phone. Rafa Gutierrez looked at Twitter for alerts and posted instructions as to how to get your ArcMap Model to send you a tweet when it is finished running. I’d probably set up a separate private Twitter account so that people can’t see what I’m doing or that I’d spam followers with my overlay analysis.

Letting ArcMap send you tweets

Letting ArcMap send you tweets

Taking MapDotNet UX Studio for a spin

So reading the MapDotNet Blog and how UX Studio can load shapefiles (and SDE) into SQL Server 2008 I thought I give it a spin. You have to download the whole UX platform to get UX Studio so make sure that you do a custom install so that you only get UX Studio (rather than the whole SDK and Web Services). To load data into SQL Server 2008 is very simple, all you need to do is start up UX Studio and add a shapefile to the project. Then right click on the shapefile in the data sources panel and select “Export Data”. You’ll get a dialog that looks like this:

Click for full view

When you click start the file is converted from shapefile to SQL Server 2008 table. A quick look at the table in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio shows the whole file uploaded perfectly. What a quick and easy way to convert your shapefiles (and SDE layers) to SQL Server 2008.



So there you go, loading data into SQL Server 2008 requires only the free UX Studio. Nice!

OpenLayers and the ESRI RESTful API

There is more going on with OpenLayers and the ESRI REST API than you probably know (I keep finding more and more that I didn’t know about every day). As more people start using OpenLayers with the ESRI ArcGIS Server we’ll hopefully get it integrated into the OpenLayer code. For now you can grab some of the code from the OpenLayer Wiki and start using OpenLayers with your ArcGIS Server applications. People are doing amazing things with OpenLayers including this example with ArcGIS Server?(which doesn’t use the REST API, but it is still wonderful) from the Long Island Index.

Wouldn’t the ESRI JavaScript API page look better with OpenLayers?

Wouldnt the ESRI JavaScript API page look better with OpenLayers?

**Update **(12-24-2008): OpenLayers now has some case studies online as well.

Ready to present at the 2009 ESRI Developer Summit?

Looks like user presentations are a go at the 2009 ESRI Dev Summit.

At this point, it looks like we’re going to have about 10-15 scheduled slots. The capacity of the room will be between 50 and 70, so it should end up being a more interactive experience if you want it to be. This room will be part of the “Showcase” area, which is the central hub of the event. Then in the weeks leading up to the DevSummit, registered attendees will be able to vote so that particularly popular sessions can be moved into larger capacity rooms.

So get your presentation figured out and submit it. You have until February 9th to get it in.