GeoWeb 2010 Conference on the Horizon

One of the highlights of the summer geo-conference schedule has always been the GeoWeb Conference up in Vancouver, BC. This year the theme is “Going Real Time” which I think is really hitting on what we are all dealing with these days. No longer can we wait for web services to be updated even hourly, the expectation is everything occurs “real time”. No longer can we wait for DVD updates of data be mailed quarterly. Our applications and users demand immediate access to data.

I find the speed of this shift simply amazing. It seems just a year or two ago we were celebrating DVDs, liberating us from multiple CD-ROMs. Check out the technical sessions and register now. The GeoWeb conference has been one of the best conferences to meet geo-folks from around the world who you normally don’t interact with. We are lucky enough to have such a conference here in North America so take advantage of it.

Real Time GeoWeb is like hitting a 45 yard free kick in Soccer

PBBI Insights 2010 User Conference – Miami

I’m back in Phoenix after spending a week in Miami at the Insights 2010 User Conference. It was good seeing many new faces and tons of old faces I’ve know over the years. It was great to have Pisco Sours with Ed Katibah in a Peruvian Resturant talking about this crazy space we all work in (Looking forward to SQL Azure Ed!).

All Points Blog has some of the news that came out of the conference and I enjoyed my time there with PBBI staff and users. I’m heading to Cooperstown, NY next week to speak at the NYS Geospatial Summit so if you are in the area, stop by and say hi. Have a great weekend everyone.

Map of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, Pipelines, Platforms

Matthew Baker sent me this great looking map and some good resources you can use to make your own maps to track the oil spill and oil infrastructure.

Click for larger view

Matt was able to get the data from the following sources:

The pipeline and platform data:

The past week’s data came from these KML files:

Is anyone creating some mapping on their own tracking the spill and the response?

Update: Looks like ESRI has a resource site up and running.

Not Your Father’s Approach to Geodata Creation and Sharing – GITA 2010

I know not too many of you made to GITA 2010 in Phoenix last week, but you missed a good time. I had a really enjoyable time being on two panels. The afternoon panel was lead by Dr. Bob and discussed “Driven by Data: Who Pays, Who Plays?”. We discussed how government can do a better job sharing data and I think all of us on the panel were on the same page that governments need to engage more and not stick their head in the sand on data sharing. Proactive governments will succeed in stimulating use of their data for the benefit of their citizens and others will allow their communities to stagnate.

The morning panel, “Not Your Father’s Approach to Geodata Creation and Sharing” was lead by Peter Batty and I was lucky enough to take part along with Andrew Turner, Steve Coast and the venerable Ron Lake. It seemed to be well received and Peter was able to record the panel and has posted the video for everyone to see. I had a really good time and enjoyed talking with everyone there.

GITA Panel: Not your father's approach to geodata creation and sharing from Peter Batty on Vimeo.

I’m off to the PBBI Insights 2010 User Conference next week in Miami. It is my first trip to a MapInfo PBBI conference so I’m excited to see all the great new stuff that PBBI has planned.

ESRI iPhone SDK Public Beta is Now Available

ESRI has been pushing their iPhone SDK quite a bit this year and everyone finally has access to it. I personally still think that web apps are the better choice on mobile devices, but for those who want to jump into Objective-C, check out James Richards blog post on developing with the new SDK.

All those folks below in that line waiting to get their iPhones must be totally ready to get your GIS app.

iPhone Line by JasonGardner, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by JasonGardner