Shapes, Intellectual Property Rights and “Where’s My Desktop App?”

The 12-Pac is here.

Sean was quick to put his GIS skills to work and create a shape that gets me excited (ignoring the fact that Arizona State has no football team anymore). Bring it on Utah and Colorado! Kudos to BT for calling him out for not using a good projection. At least use Albers!

Intellectual Property Rights

One of the better blogs out there is the Spatial Law and Policy Blog. Kevin talks about intellectual property rights and GIS data:

I am still trying to understand the implications of the recent announcement regarding ESRI and It certainly has caused a great deal of concern within the geospatial community. According to this post from the All Points Blog, such concern may be unnecessary. However, given that (i) in the U.S. federal government data is not protected by copyright, (ii) the Obama Administration has been pushing greater transparency with respect to government operations, and (iii) the improvements in technology and open standards, I am surprised that the items Sean?Gorman?discusses in this post are still an issue with respect to federal government data.

More good stuff over there to stay up on the law and geospatial.

OpenGeo Suite 2.0

So it appears OpenGeo has released the 2.0 version of their OpenGeo Suite. Looks great including the pgShapeLoader. OpenGeo continue to refine and improve their open source derived product. Only thing missing is a desktop client.

Where is my StreetView?

So the US Open is going on and there seems to be no Google Street View of the golf course. Shame on you Google!

Geographic Information Systems Q&A at Stack Exchange Continues to Move Forward

Got some good news via email tonight:

Hey there!

A Q&A site proposal which you are following, Geographic Information Systems, is now moving into the commitment phase. If you plan to participate in this site, please indicate your support by committing:

Commit to Geographic Information Systems

A good Q&A site needs critical mass to get off the ground, so if the site doesn’t receive enough commitment, we won’t create it. Don’t forget to invite your friends and colleagues to help build support and momentum. Click here to refer your friends:

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Thank you!

Head Alien in Charge
Area 51

I’m glad to see this effort continue to gain traction. I suggest everyone go over and “commit” to making the GIS Stack Exchange website work. If you are unfamiliar with Stack Exchange, you should read up on it (or see Stack Overflow). Once enough people commit, the site moves on to closed beta and only those who committed can participate at that stage.

So take a minute and commit to making the GIS Stack Exchange work. Don’t forget to pass it on.

It is June 2010 and Why Am I Not Using Manifold?

I was reading a good GPU Computing for GIS over at the Azavea Labs blog and it got me wondering. I thought we’d all be using Manifold and their wonderful CUDA architecture by now. Looks like there isn’t much going on, but I’m sure their master plan is working perfectly. Make everyone think you can’t get out a release and then, BAM, release the killer GIS package of packages.

I can’t wait guys, what a battle of wits!

A Moment of Silence for MapObjects

Come July 1st, 2010, you won’t be able to buy more licenses for MapObjects 2.4. MapObjects used to be a big part of my geo-coding, though I’ve not be using it for a couple years because it hasn’t supported the latest geospatial technology. I know lots of people still rely on MO for their applications (some mission critical), but the writing is on the wall, MapObjects is not a choice anymore. That said I still need to give ESRI some lovin for MapObjects. MO, you won’t be missed but thanks for being there when I needed you.

ESRI Clarifies Relationships

Thanks to Adena, we’ve got some more details on ESRI’s work with and

An article entitled White House to tie together mapping and data sites? recently appeared in NextGov magazine. Some of the information included in the article was either incorrect or not entirely clear. The information below is intended to help clarify some of the information that appeared in the article.

Read the whole statement over at All Points Blog. My two cents is that this is still a smart play by ESRI. is about “apps” and if you can develop apps on government data easily, it should be successful. Closed or not, ESRI is center stage on creating apps with federal data.

As far as the sole-sourced contract and those details, I’m not sure if anything has been addressed on that. This clarification almost causes more questions to be asked than answered.

Submit a GeoDesign Lightning Talk at the 2010 ESRI User Conference

As expected, there is going to be a GeoDesign Track at the 2010 ESRI UC. ESRI is going to be doing some more lightning talks like we did at the Developer Summit. They were well attended and the presentations were a blast. If you think you’d like to give the world you spin on GeoDesign, a 5 minute lightning talk is a perfect opportunity.

You can submit an abstract for your Lightning Talk by emailing it to