SHRUG GIS Workshop 2010

I’ve been in Tallahassee, FL on the campus of Florida State University this week for the 2010 edition of Seven Hills (And here I thought Florida was completely flat, there are at least 7 hills in this state and I jogged up them in the morning) Regional User Group (SHRUG) GIS Workshop. They were nice enough to invite me for to speak during the keynote which I focused on the disruptive nature of GIS. I was also able to sit on a panel that talked about the struggles that local government is dealing with working with the cloud, data sharing and cost recovery. Some of the SHRUG leadership team was also kind enough to take me on a walking tour of Tallahassee at night through the Kudzu. Fun times, fun times.

There is quite the vibrant GIS community in the Tallahassee area. I had a really good time meeting everyone and look forward to coming back in the future. Now I’m off to Denver for a little WhereCamp 5280 debauchery. I sure hope I packed a jacket!

GeoDesign Friday

Looking for something besides for your Friday distraction? A couple interesting GeoDesign links are below for distraction.

First up is a new e-book from Esri called, “Changing Geography by Design: Selected Readings in GeoDesign”. As expensive as that title is, it is available as a free PDF from ESRI. And don’t worry, Carl Steinitz’s work is way back in the Bibliography, so you can ignore his complicated University-think GeoDesign ideas (yea, works well at Harvard, but us mere mortals live in the real world).

The other is a video demonstrating some GeoDesign workflows to perform a suitability analysis. Cool stuff (though clearly an Esri exercise)…

Oh and Go Giants!