Atanas is out!

Boy, you get sick, go to bed early, then you miss some great news.

Out on day 65. Thank you all for everything. Details later on #freeatanas

– atanas entchev (@atanas) December 9, 2011

It is so good to have you back my friend!

Atanas get out of jail card

If only Atanas had such a card to overcome bureaucracy.

HT: geoMusings


Users Demand Google Maps or They’ll Leave Your Service

I’m sure there were good reasons for Garmin to use Bing over Google Maps, but their users weren’t sold on it.

…a year later, Garmin acted. Users may now select which of the two providers to use. It’s a bit of a cop-out fix, likely due to the positive things some users said about Bing. Or, perhaps it is based on an agreement with Microsoft, as many forum posters wondered.

As ProgrammableWeb points out, this has to be expensive to offer both Google and Bing.

Most likely, Garmin is now paying twice for its mistake. Both Google and Microsoft have enterprise versions and Garmin is likely not eligible to use the free versions.

For consumer applications, clearly Google Maps is the only choice you can offer. Even with pricing changes, companies will continue to have to offer Google Maps otherwise they’ll face unhappy users.

Bing Maps Pepper Spray

A little pepper spray removes that Bing Maps from your apps.


White House to Open Source Your Business Model

This is the inevitable conclusion of Government Data Portals.

As part of a joint effort by the United States and India to build an open government platform, the U.S. team has deposited open source code an important benchmark in developing the Open Government Platform that will enable governments around the world to stand up their own open government data sites.

Government is trending to be open, open sourced and thus transparent. Clearly selling against such a tidal wave is going to be very difficult.

It is the sound of your death

You hear that? That is the sound of inevitability. It is the sound… of your death.