This Week’s Hangout:: Geospatial Career Panel 2012 – Navigating the Field

Update: I’ve already gotten word that this hangout will be broadcast at a couple GIS Day events on the big screen. Let me know and I’ll get the word out about it.

This week is a very special hangout titled “Geospatial Career Panel 2012 – Navigating the Field”.

The Geospatial industry is evolving rapidly these days, and it can be difficult to get your bearings and plan your career wisely…

In honor of GIS Day (Nov. 14th), we’ll be hosting a special Google+ HangoutOnAir: “Geospatial Career Panel 2012: Navigating the Field.” It will start at 10am PST (1pm EDT). We have three amazing panelists lined up to answer viewer questions about the GIS and geospatial job market, and how best to prepare for it.

  • David Dibiase, Director of Education for Esri’s Industry Solutions Division, has years of experience in GIS education, and will represent the academic sector and Esri.
  • Kenny Miller, President Elect of NSGIC (National States Geographic Information Council) and Maryland’s Deputy Geographic Information Officer, will provide insights into public sector GIS.
  • Jessica Touchard, Senior Recruiter with GeoSearch, Inc., will provide us with an overarching view of GIS jobs in the private sector.

After introductions and opening statements from each panelist, the show will be audience driven. Viewers will be able to submit and vote-up questions in Google Moderator. Please submit one here now! During the Hangout, we will also keep an eye on viewer comments in the IRC (instant messaging) channel, #hwjf on

If you can’t make the live show, no worries; it will be recorded and posted right here.

This event should be especially helpful for students and young professionals; please share this announcement or post this flyer to help spread the word.


OpenStreetMap is More Than a Slippy Map

Earlier this week I talked about how OSM is more than just a slippy map.

One might think of OSM as a worldwide road map. Now sure it is and it has super coverage. But there is so much more depth to OSM than roads.

Yes, embrace the depth of OpenStreetMap.


I am shocked you think of OSM so lightly!


The One Where Paul Tells Me to Take a Lap

This week’s hangout features WeoGeo’s own CEO and co-founder, Paul Bissett. Paul’s always a great listen and he hit on why WeoGeo was created, why data marketplaces are important and if Data-as-a-Service is good for the geospatial data industry.

The video is below and the IRC log is on the WeoGeo Video page.


This Week’s Hangout with Paul Bissett:: Data Marketplaces v. Data-as-a-Feature Business Models

This week’s hangout features WeoGeo’s CEO and co-founder, Paul Bissett. We will be talking about the differences between data marketplace and data-as-a-feature offerings in the spatial data industry. Marketplaces connect buyers and sellers of data reducing the importance of a customer’s software package to the process. In contrast, data-as-a-feature offerings bring high-quality data directly into a software package, allowing software vendors to use their purchasing power to bring free or low-priced data to their customers and creating lock-in potential for the software vendor.

We’ll be talking on the IRC channel again so either show up to the Hangout page on WeoGeo or better yet, point your IRC client to #hwjf on



Identity Crisis? Possibly, But Those Who Embrace Change Always Survive

If you want something to read that sums up most of what I’ve been saying the past few months, read Stephen Mather’s post.

Now, there are a few things fueling shifts in the GeoSpatial industry. Notably, ESRI, for all their billions of dollars, brilliant (if un-hip), closed-source, and patented software, huge (and smallish and mediumish) government contracts is having an identity crisis. That makes everyone nervous. They are moving into the services (not just the proprietary licensing) portion of the sector, and streamlining workflows that before required technicians and analysts to complete, so they are directly competing with their a) resellers and b) users. That is a scary change indeed.

It gets more awesome from there…

The Jerk

Embrace change, don’t fear it


JS.geo – January 14th & 15th

Update: The date has changed again, but it will still be awesome.

There isn’t much yet, but if you want to be at the center of Geospatial (big G) JavaScript, you’d best get registered before it sells out. January 16, 2013 January 14th and 15th is probably a beautiful time to be in Denver.