Doing GIS

We all need an elevator pitch

You get the question all the time:

“What do you do?”

You pause and then respond:

“I do GIS for [insert organization].”

Doing GIS is what we do I suppose. I’m not sure that most diciplines have this problem:

“What do you do?”

“I do accounting for [insert organization].”

I’ve been talking to my group that we need to be better at elevator pitches. Not so much that I expect them to close deals with VCs in a SFO hotel lobby, but it better describes why we do what we do. My job has many roles so I have multiple pitches I give when I need to. But “doing GIS” isn’t one of them.

“What do you do?”

“I ride unicorns on rainbows for URS Corporation.”

See isn’t that better?

My GIS in the Rockies Keynote

Last week I was lucky enough to give the keynote at the GIS in the Rockies conference in Denver, CO. It was a bit of a different talk from me than I’ve given in a while. Less snark and more practicality. The conference committee video taped (why do we still say “taped”?) it and you can watch it below. Geoff Zeiss was at the keynote and wrote up his take on my talk.

The slides are on Speaker Deck but you can also see them here.