Boundless Releases OpenGeo Suite 4.0

Boundless (ex OpenGeo) released OpenGeo Suite 4.0 this week:

Boundless is proud to announce the release of OpenGeo Suite 4.0. This version reflects deep changes that have occurred in the platform, while still supporting the functionality that our customers rely on. This release brings many new features and improvements, including the following component upgrades: PostGIS 2.1, GeoServer 2.4, GeoWebCache 1.5, support for OpenLayers 3 and the inclusion of the OpenGeo Suite QGIS plugin.

Of course upgrades to the standard server components but now with desktop (QGIS) integration. Get a load of this:

Our new plugin for QGIS allows for seamless management and publishing of geographic information from this popular desktop tool to OpenGeo Suite — connect to PostGIS, GeoServer, and GeoWebCache right from your familiar desktop environment to manage your geospatial deployments.

Don’t care for the command line? Just fire up QGIS and work with the server data in everyone’s favorite desktop GIS client. Rip and replace was never easier and QGIS and OpenGeo Suite go together like chocolate and peanut butter (still a Halloween candy hangover around here)!

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Does Ideas4OGC Fix Problems with OGC Standards?

Remember the OGC REST API standard blowup earlier this year? Yea, great times. It reinforced the notion that the OGC is run by those who donate the most to the organization. Smartly it was withdrawn and we can all go about our business without some crazy new standard being rushed through. Cameron Shorter highlighted a new initiative at the OGC to try and address these issues brought up by the REST debacle.

You may remember the contentious proposal for the GeoServices REST API to become an OGC standard? After strong community concerns, largely focused on duplication of existing standards, the motion to approve the proposed standard was withdrawn. The fact that the proposal progressed as far as it did, to the point where it was almost ratified as a standard before being blocked, was a primary driver leading the OGC to initiate an “Ideas for OGC” (Ideas4OGC) review, aimed at re-baselining OGC priorities and processes.

The OGC has the Ideas4OGC initial recommendations on their wiki page:

Formally kicked off on June 20th, 2013, the Ideas for OGC (Ideas4OGC) process has collected a broad set of comments, recommendations and constructive criticism from across the membership, the public and OGC staff.

Yea they heard us. Head over to that wiki page and read up and input your comments. Sounds like they are totally rethinking how they operate on this kind of stuff. Hopefully this means that any new standards proposed will have to go through a process that is open and meaningful, rather than a rush job so one company can prove their software is OGC compliant. This gets a thumbs up from me!

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Blockholm: Crowdsourcing City Planning with Minecraft

Minecraft and planning. Seems so right doesn’t it?

The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design has announced a project where the topographic site for Stockholm has been reproduced in Minecraft and people are invited to rebuild the city virtually.

Blockholm opens on 24 October and allows people to realize the city they always dreamed of. It is interesting as it allows a form of modelling and design rarely practiced on a large scale in city planning.

What’s really awesome is you can follow the builders live on this web map. That map itself is built using Leaflet.js and is of course mobile compatible. Backend awesome is built on PostGIS with some FME help. I love the simplicity of it all!