Abstract Final – Rendezvous with Keyur Shah

Link: Annotation use cases (dead link).

“The most talked about feature at J1 this year was annotations. It was as if every new API / framework had to have support for annotations or must have something pertaining to it on their radar to gain acceptance or even be considered a contender. I have not yet being able to make my mind if this profileration of @YeahIHaveAnAnnotationToo is a good thing or not. For the time being I am trying to come up with use cases of where annotations make sense. Here are some that I have assimilated from various blogs, J1 sessions and my own brain dumps:”

I’m not a Java programmer, but I love Keyur Shah’s blog (dead link). These kinds of discussions are perfect for users to learn more and respond directly to Keyur. If there are any more ESRI blogger’s getting ready to start up, take a look at Keyur’s blog.

Superb blog Keyur!

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