Allan Doyle on OGC vs GeoRSS

I had caught Howard Butler’s post on his take about OGC and GeoRSS and now I see Chris Tweedie and Allan Doyle responded. One comment by Allan that caught my eye:

“But when it comes down to which organization I support directly by my efforts, it matters a lot. Right now, the first compellingly neutral organization that jumps to mind is the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. I wonder if the time is right to have the Open Source Geospatial Foundation become the sponsor/host/supporter of GeoRSS?”

I’ll save my rant about OGC for another day (I’m in too good of a mood right now to get worked up over that), but it is interesting to see how quickly an open standard can become closed right before your eyes if people aren’t vigilant.

Also it is important to remember that much discussion goes on via email lists in the geospatial community. Subscribing to these lists is an great way to keep up on news that takes days or weeks to get out onto the blogs.

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