And Then What?

Technology is verbose. There are no shortages of superlatives that help define the solution. It becomes almost noise when you are looking at what truly this solution solves, or even has a problem defined. Just drop something in something and then something could happen. I’ve spent a career trying to help fight through this noise and in the end one question should always come up.

And then what?

Yes you can spend millions of dollars on what seems like the perfect application, workflow or cloud-based solution, but after you get it all done, what then? We deal with this all the time on our own, part of why I’ve left digital note taking is because the “And then what?” of putting all that effort into getting text into a smartphone is either non-existent, worthless, or unneeded.

Throwing money at the problem

So much money has been wasted on “solutions” that “revolutionize” the “process”. Being able to answer the question above is how you get the best value out of the proposal. Dead projects, software not being used, databases withering on the server all happen because the users of the tools have no idea what to do with them when they are done. Time for this madness to stop.

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