And With A Wimper, I Turn Off Comments

I’m indebted to my blog readership for many reasons and high-quality blog comments are near the top. There have been some great discussions on this blog over the years and I’ve learned a ton from those who took the time to add their thoughts. I used to think blogging and comments went hand in hand, but these days the conversation happens on Facebook and Twitter.

The conversation has died down on this blog, it took 3 years to get 10,000 comments and since then only 4,000 have been posted. It just isn’t my blog, you see it everywhere. Facebook and Twitter have enabled people to talk directly to each other over their social networks rather than trying to do so on a blog comment thread.

Thus with this post, I’ve disabled comments and say thanks for the memories. I’ll still be blogging, but if you want to engage me, you know where to find me. On Facebook or Twitter.

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