Andrea Rosso Goes Nuts With Public ArcWeb Services

Links – Making an ArcWeb Mashup and A simple ArcWeb AJAX map control in PHP

Reading various news articles about mapping around the web it seems that there is a lot of excitement about what are called ‘mashups’. I have not been able to find a formal definition of this but it seems that this is basically when some sort of useful data is ‘mashed’ on top of some mapping service like Google. This most often seems to be point data like locations of bloggers, or events, etc. but sometimes it’s things like images, etc.

Andrea gets into a detailed description of how to create your own ArcWeb mashup using Perl. Besides this he also posted an article on how to create a very simple AJAX map control to stick right on your website. Someone at ESRI should like directly to Andrea’s blog from the Public AWS page so people can see this stuff.

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