Andrea Rosso Talks About ArcWeb at the ESRI UC

Link – ArcWeb at the UC Plenary

ArcWeb Public Services announced – This is a collection of datasources for ArcWeb Services that can now be used for free, for non-commercial purposes. The availability of this is imminent and will allow users to use ArcWeb Services APIs without any credit limits. These are the production and stable ArcWeb v2 APIs but just a subset of the datasources that are usually available for use. Hopefully some interesting applications will get built off of these. You can start playing around with the eval right now to get started and switch over when the public services are available.

Great news for everyone who has been looking at Google Maps and their API. What is great about ArcWeb is when you are ready to start making money off of your mapping solution, you can easily change the license. With Google Maps you’d be at a dead end (at least for now).

ArcWeb Map Viewer shown – This is a sneak peak at what’s coming in our ArcWeb 2005 product. It’s a very fast vector based Flash viewer. Our services will generate Flash files which are then rendered by the Macromedia flash viewer. This is not available yet but you can come by the island this week and take a look at it. It actually has a lot more functionality than what was shown so make sure you take a look at it. It’s really fast and for now nothing is cached anywhere… each pan, zoom, etc. is a new .swf file.

This was the most “Google-like” GUI I’ve seen from ESRI yet. Very simple and nothing to get in the way of the user working with the data. Hopefully ESRI will get a demo of this up on the web so people can see what is in store for them with ArcWeb 2005 and start programming today with the current ArcWeb Services.

You’ll want to check out the rest of Andrea’s post to see when the ArcWeb sessions are going to be this week or at least stop by the ArcWeb Island on the main floor.

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