Andrea Rosso updates us on ArcWeb Services 2006

Link – ArcWeb Services 2006 in Pre-Release

As some of you have discovered ArcWeb Services 2006 has been out there for a couple of weeks now. It hasn’t been publicized or formally announced yet because it is still in pre-release. This means that the product is available for use but bugs are being fixed, docs finished, etc. The APIs are frozen and all functionality and data is available for use however. So give it a try. The bug fixing and docs are going very well and the release is imminent. One big focus of this release was really about the platform. A lot of work was done behind the scenes to make the whole platform more flexible, easier to manage, and perform better. A lot of this you won’t really notice but it’ll make future upgrades quicker and make release cycles shorter.

Andrea has quite the detailed post on some changes and new features to AWS 2006.

Maybe ESRI should have a ArcWeb 2006 contest that would run until the Developer Summit in March. Make it open to anyone who wants to create an application with AWS and first prize could be a copy of ArcView 9.1 and a bunch of ArcWeb credits. That would get people interested. 🙂

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