Apple Didn’t Aquire Broadmap

Update:  Well here you go…

Sorry to disappoint everyone but contrary to current reports @BroadMap has not been purchased by Apple.

– BroadMap (@BroadMap) December 23, 2013

BroadMap Logo

We had heard months ago that some BroadMap staff had moved on to Apple but today things have “exploded”.

Based on evidence and chatter from sources, Apple seemingly acquired mapping firm BroadMap in the first half of this year…

It’s complicated what has actually happened.  Many people are claiming different things, but from what I’ve been told:

  1. Apple bought the intellectual property of BroadMap and licensed it back to them.
  2. Management of BroadMap and many key staff have joined Apple.  I’ve gotten many different explanations as to “the how” of this but they’re at Apple
  3. BroadMap is still servicing existing clients.  They may be doing this with “legacy staff” or have been using a 3rd party for support.

BroadMap has tweeted that they’re still around as well.

@markgurman @cageyjames We are working on updating the website.The offices were moved from NH to VA. Website has been unattended for a while

— BroadMap (@BroadMap) December 23, 2013

Given the uncertantity of it all, I’m guessing there isn’t much marketing staff left at BroadMap to deal with all these questions.  Thus the ambiguity of it all.

Now what I’m interested in is Apple now has many old GDT1 staff on board.  I’m assuming they’re going to be working to replace TomTom with their own mapping data.  That’s more interesting that who owns what shell company anymore.

  1. Which was acquired by TeleAtlas and then TomTom