Apple Maps is What We Thought it Was

There wasn’t much surprising about the Apple Navigation app:

Just last week Google unveiled new features including offline maps for Android and 3D mapping, at an event dedicated to mapping, which some people took as a clear sign that the company was feeling the weight of the impeding move by Apple to its own technology. From what we can tell, Apple’s 3D features look a little better than what Google showed off last week but we’ll have to see them both in action to be sure.

On one of the slides from the WWDC, I saw a reference to “Map Kit”. I guess we’ll learn much more this week. The navigation appears to be TomTom or Navteq but it is all rumors right now.

Update It looks like yes, TomTom is providing navigation data. We now have Apple/TomTom, Microsoft/NAVTEQ, Google, and eventually OSM as the four main navigation ecosystems.

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