Apple’s Map Data is Missing Large Features

Taking a deeper look at Apple’s map tiles reveals much about their source. Here in Tempe, large sections of freeways built in the late 90s are missing.

Take a look at Loop 101 which has been around for over a decade. On Apple’s new maps it is missing:

Apple Tempe Map

Clearly Google has the road:

Google Tempe Map

I’m guessing that Apple used older free map data in many places, this might be something like TIGER 1990 I suppose. It isn’t just this freeway, most of the Phoenix area is missing large sections of development. For showing the location of photos these map errors aren’t an issue at all, but if we are ever going to navigate, Apple has a ton of work cut out for them.

I’ve you’d like to browse the Apple Map tiles yourself, give this website a try:

and here’s an even better resource. Compare OSM and Apple at the same time!

In looking at the data closer, at least here in the Phoenix area, I’m sure this is TIGER data. Compare the Apple tiles with OSM.

Open Street Map Data


Apple Map Data


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