Apple’s Maps Anger Hipsters and MapBox Wins Knight News Challenge

Apparently Apple thought they could release their own version of a mapping solution where it integrates Yelp and other 3rd part services into something that helps people find the best coffee shop near them and then navigate there. Humans, used to how Google does things, were very unhappy. I used the new to find the new Togo’s (yes they finally came back to Phoenix) and then navigate there. Worked awesome, but clearly YMMV. I’m sure you as I are already sick of the Apple Maps “news”, but read Marc Prioleau’s article on Apple. Well worth your time.

Well, welcome to the mapping world, Apple. I wish them the best of luck, as an iPhone user but also as someone who really wants them to succeed. We need more options, not fewer. But today’s debut performance wasn’t the result of that team not trying. If Apple wants to be one of the Big Three map platforms, they’re going to need to get serious.

The big news though is MapBox winning the Knight News Challenge, half a million dollars worth! They are going to work on “core tools” and improve the community site. Says Eric:

It’s not about the maps, it’s about the data

Yea, tell that to Apple.


Apple fans are not sure what to do about the poor Apple Maps app. Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire….

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