ArcGIS and SketchUp Fun

We’ve been working with ArcGIS (3D Analyst and ArcScene) and Google SketchUp to see how we can improve our 3D scenes. I’m impressed with how quickly we were able to model buildings and integrate them into ArcGIS using SketchUp. We took Penn State University and modeled a couple buildings on Pollock Road in the University Park campus core. We need to work a little on Old Main (no flames from PSU alumni on that, the clock tower is hard to model), but I think it adds quite a bit of value over the generic block buildings. I uploaded two examples below:

ESRI ArcScene with Google SketchUp Example 1

ESRI ArcScene with Google Sketchup Example 2

We definitely are going to explore this much further and see about working with ArcGlobe and Google Earth.

PSU Example

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