ArcGIS Explorer 900 released

It looks like ESRI is releasing ArcGIS Explorer 900, just in time for WhereCamp5280. Some new features include:

  • New UI (the Office ribbon)
  • New basemap galley for easy access to different base maps
  • 2D/3D <- What I think really sets AGX apart from other globes. It is a 2D world out there!
  • Better KML support and support for layer packages (becomes a viewer for proprietary ESRI data0
  • New presentation mode (if you saw Bern demo this at the UC, you know how valuable that will be)
  • Bing Maps free to ArcGIS Desktop users (if you have ArcGIS Desktop license with Bing, you can use that on AGX)
  • Localization
  • Projections! Who says you have to work in mercator
  • .NET SDK

AGX has come a very long way so if you haven’t tried it in a while you’ll want to give it another shot. One thing I did note, it doesn’t run on Windows 7 very well. Might be me, but I’ll see Bern tomorrow and ask him about it (though I can guess his answer, “We’ll support it when Windows 7 ships”)

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