ArcGIS GUI Issues

I’ve been loading a ton of data into SDSFIE and I’ve noticed an issue with the Load Data GUI. Unlike every other “multiple import/load” dialog, the “load data” dialog is totally different.


You have to use a standard windows dialog to add features, not drag and drop from any ArcGIS application (ArcCatalog or ArcMap). Compared to the Import Feature Class (multiple) it is such a pain in the ass. Why can’t that dialog be the same as all the others?


I can just drag and drop any data layer on to that guy and go on my way. But with the first one, you have to browse and click OK, then you have to click again to add it to the collection. Then I have to repeat all those steps for every data layer I want to add. What a hassle! I just want the ability to drag and drop, is that asking too much?

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