ArcGIS License Manager Update

Running the new ArcGIS License Manager? You might want to download the latest update from ESRI’s servers. Those running ArcGIS on laptops should definitely look.

Issues Addressed in this update

  • NIM003128 ‘ The ArcGIS License Manager for Windows is now supported without hardware keys.
  • NIM006141 ‘ The ArcGIS License Manager is now supported on RedHat and SUSE LINUX.
  • NIM000652 ‘ The license manager is losing its connection with the USB key when a laptop goes to sleep, resulting in the failure of the license manager when the laptop ‘wakes up’.
  • NIM013222 ‘ A remote user can gain access to files on the license server using the License Manager as a gateway.
  • NIM040406 – The AIX License Manager has been updated to support systems running AIX 5.3 ML04 and higher.

And before you get too excited, license borrowing won’t be implemented until after 9.3.

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