ArcGIS Online Content Sharing Program

ESRI has introduced their new ArcGIS Online Content Sharing Program.

The ArcGIS Online Content Sharing Program enables your organization to contribute geographic data content to be published and hosted by ESRI. By participating in the program, ESRI will integrate your content with that from other providers for publication in ArcGIS Online services. Once your data is published, the data can be accessed by users throughout your organization and by other users with access to the Internet. This program is available to any ESRI user and other geographic data providers interested in making their data content broadly available.

Interesting, I’ve always wondered why ESRI never offered up such a service before. I’ll be interested to see who starts offering their data through the service.

Anyone wonder when they’ll offer ArcGIS Online via KML?

ESRI customer handing keys to their data over to ESRI

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