ArcGIS Server 9.2

ESRI ArcGISEric Bader wrote a great honest post about ArcGIS Server 9.2. Anyone who has ever used AGS 9.1 knows that its hard to even get a “hello world” application up and running quickly. I remember when I first installed it I had that sinking feeling, “now what do I do?”. Eric says at 9.2:

The non-developer will immediately become highly productive, immediately after installing the ArcGIS Server.

And with a product that costs as much and requires the investment that AGS does, quick results are needed to show those who just laid out big bucks why AGS is so powerful. This is part of the story of why the 9.2 release is so important to developers.

Eric’s blog post is probably the best I’ve seen out of ESRI yet. It is honest, transparent and spells out why AGS 9.2 is a huge deal to developers. I’m looking forward to more from Eric on ArcGIS Server and I’m sure everyone else will too.

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