ArcWeb Explorer in Wikipedia

A reader sent this to me and its interesting. When you click on a lat/long location in Wikipedia you are sent to a page listing all the different options to view this place. Most people probably click on the Google Maps or Google Earth choices, but apparently down lower there is a “GIS-related Maps” section.

ArcWeb Explorer [is an option]( 33.388611&sf=100000&sp=-111.928889 33.388611&sl=images%2Fgeocoded%5Ficon%2Epng&st=33.388611,%20-111.928889&w=fi 10 60&ds=ArcWeb:GlobeXplorer.Deluxe_Tiles.World ArcWeb:TA.Streets_VectorsForHybrid.US&glt=rasterTileGroupLayer vectorGroupLayer) (though I’m not sure how long its been this way).

I’m not sure why AWX is tucked down in the “GIS-related Maps” section as you’d think it would be better suited up with Google/Yahoo/Virtual Earth Maps. How long to ArcGIS Explorer gets listed here?

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