ArcWeb Explorer Javascript API is out of beta

Just in time for the ESRI UC, it appears that the ArcWeb Explorer Javascript API is out of beta. The documentation of this API is probably the best work I’ve seen ever come out of ESRI.

Plus the ArcWeb Explorer itself has a new “Reports” tab that allows you to run simple reports and save them out as PDF, XML or Excel.



There is also a new “Data Maps” option under Map Types that gives you access to census data and also gives you the ability to add a legend to the map.




Finally the print function gives you a real high quality print. Check out the PDF of the map above. The only issue I see with the print is the legend looks a little low res.

The only problem I still see with ArcWeb Explorer is that it is very slow compared to competing services. I like the API a ton, but it just runs too slowly on our network to use in the real world. Maybe in time that will be resolved, but ArcWeb Explorer has become quite the impressive web application.

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