ArcWeb SVG Viewer and the new ArcWeb Labs

Andrea has a huge post on some very interesting developments on ArcWeb 2006. He’s demoed the new SVG Viewer (using the REST API) and has a little bit on the new ArcWeb Labs section soon to appear. I’m just really hoping to see the ArcWeb Explorer API or some more on this new ArcWeb SVG viewer (make sure you go to his blog and check out that cool screenshot of the SVG Viewer). I’m just not willing to invest the time to work with SOAP and ArcWeb.

we are going to be releasing an ArcWeb Labs section of the web site. This is an area where you’ll be able to see all the new, unreleased applications we are working on and give us feedback. ArcWeb Explorer is an example of something we consider ‘in Labs’. We’ve listened to feedback from those who have posted some reviews, but of course we want this a little more formalized in a form of a Labs site where we can collect more feedback and keep you all in the loop with what we’re doing with blogs, forums, EDN, etc. For now we’ll start simple but we are planning to quickly expand the site with more features coming online periodically.

Now we are talking! Can’t wait for the Dev Summit to see this in action.

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