Autodesk’s Project Artoo — Clean Up Your GIS Data

I’ve been keeping my eye on Autodesk’s new project “Project Artoo”. It’s a cool project that allows AutoCAD Map 3D users to perform geometry cleanup operations on geospatial data, even on FDO-connected data stores, including Shapefiles, Esri Geodatabase, SQLite, Autodesk’s SDF and Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases. It is also available in languages other than English.

It appears Autodesk is moving back into the GIS space. They’re taking on Esri in the GeoDesign world as well, not to mention BIM. I still hold out hope for more BIM/GIS connections and maybe instead of Esri or Safe enabling it, Autodesk and FDO get it done. Good to see some competition since MapInfo went all Wordperfect on us.


Yes, we’re all happy for some competition. Innovation is what we need!

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