AWS Start-Up Challenge and a Look Back at WeoGeo

I saw this week that the 2011 Amazon AWS Start-Up Challenge is running again. It is hard to believe that it has been 4 years since WeoGeo was a finalist in the 2007 AWS Start-Up Challenge. We finished runner up to Ooyala with

I blogged about the challenge back then (I wasn’t working for WeoGeo yet) and “we” (GIS Professionals) were worried about things like the Esri Web ADF, not cloud-based computing. As WeoGeo gets ready for a busy fall, I’m glad the decisions that were made by the team back in 2006 are able to support the amazing places we are going to be going in 2011. Click on that link above to see a video of Paul Bissett showcasing WeoGeo to the voters.

The business model evolves, but that the fundamental desire to put people and their place together in a single, accessible, framework is still the driving goal of WeoGeo. Yeah, we up up up through the clouds….

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