Back at it

So I’ve been just a bit quiet on the blog. Looking back the longest before this spell was about a week. Been busy working for the man and you know how he is.


Actually I’ll tell you, he doesn’t like me working on Linux or Mac but maybe that’s a discussion for another day.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve been thinking about diagramming my life in Microsoft Visio or Project, I’ve been spending my spare time really getting into some awesome stuff.

  1. Leaflet.js – Seriously, where has this been all my life. I’ve been sort of working with Esri’s JSAPI again, but even at the compact build it’s like washing one glass in your dishwasher. Leaflet might be the most exciting geo-related (it’s hipster if you hyphen geo, but not if you CamelCase it) project out there right now. I’m just breaking into Leaflet.js 0.6 right now and I’m salivating over seeing how I can now save layers to GeoJSON.
  2. Node.js – Replacing GeoServer with Node.js.
  3. TopoJSON – It’s been a big week for TopoJSON and GitHub support for it. Call me a neck beard, but spatial layers support topology. Why is it we did things this way in the mid-90s and then forgot how? Oh right, the stupid Shapefile.
  4. TileMill – You could have not gone to SOTM-US and not want to do amazing things with CartoCSS. I mean, blurring geometries? The golden age of cartography is upon us. Learn CSS and know that TileMill is so much better than ArcPlot ever was. Seriously though, did anyone ever love ArcPlot even though it gave you such fine grained control of cartography. I sure didn’t.
  5. The San Francisco Giants – Yes it’s been a brutal year but the Giants are still World Champs and your team isn’t. They’re a second half team and that’s so much better than being a first half team. It’s all good because I just watch this all day.
  6. FME Desktop on Mac OS X – Finally I can do everything on my Mac except that I’m not allowed to do anything on my Mac at work. Still that’s why we have personal computers.

So next Friday Hangouts with James Fee is back on. We’ll be doing it every other week with special events throughout the year. July 5th is going to be a great Minecraft mapping exercise. Fire up your Minecraft client and connect to something awesome, details to follow. I’ll probably have a Hangout at the Esri UC as well.

Speaking of which, I’ll be there Monday night through Thursday evening. If you want to catch up, just email me and we can talk. I’m skipping the Plenary session because I can’t take anymore stories about using GIS to find hikers in Yosemite, but I’m looking forward to seeing if 10.2 is all that. Remember, even releases of ArcGIS are bad so we’ll have to see if this bucks the trend.

You Blew it up

I also like people who find a blog post from 5 years ago and email me to say I misspelled some word that I should know better how to spell. You inspier me to dble my eferts to spel wrds corectly.