Best ESRI UC Day One Summary

By far the best thing I have read on Planet Geospatial in months.

Welcome to ESRI User Conference 2007: Amateurs Go Home!

…the plenary was quite disappointing. While some of the usual suspects have round-ups that make it look like a lot is being added, I find little to be energized about. They are integrating Image Server with ArcGIS server. Wonderful, I can’t wait to see how badly hacked together that API will be. They are enabling “mash ups”. Welcome to 2005.

I’m pretty sure I would have written that after reading what was being said in the IRC back channel. I’m glad to see that what was being said there matches up with what actually went down at the UC. (of course I’m not there so take my opinion as you wish)

Oh and Sebastian…. They are enabling “mash ups” in 2008 so we even have to wait for that.

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